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  1. Analyze Your Health Plan's Electronic Security to comply with HIPAA
  2. 3 Critical HR Metrics For Employers
  3. Help Employees Take Flight With a Performance Management Pilot Program
  4. Which Employees Are Truly Your MVPs?

Analyze Your Health Plan's Electronic Security to Comply With HIPAA

iStock-962722770-175714-editedIf you’re an employer that sponsors a health care plan, you may worry about inadvertently violating the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act — commonly known as HIPAA. But you should also bear in mind that there is a formal requirement for ensuring electronic data security. Specifically, sponsors of most plans must do a risk analysis to comply with what’s called the HIPAA security rule. Continue reading.

3 Critical HR Metrics For EmployersiStock-815588082-145984-editedMany employers routinely watch key financial metrics, such as current ratio and gross profit. But these aren’t the only measures you should consider monitoring. Recent years have seen the emergence of vital human resource (HR) metrics. These measures can help your organization make better-informed decisions about human capital, operations, and overall strategy. Here are three examples of critical HR metrics: Continue reading.

Help Employees Take Flight With a Performance Management Pilot Program

iStock-913582656-1Many years ago, “performance management” was a supervisor giving orders to an employee and the employee trying to follow them. But as the workplace has evolved and employers have sought to get a greater return on investment in human resources, the concept of performance management has become much more complex. Continue reading.

Which Employees Are Truly Your MVPs? 

Lepak & Snell modelEvery year, when baseball season finally ends, a most valuable player (MVP) is named in each league. Not everyone agrees on the choice; in fact, it’s something fans love to argue about. But eventually the two players receive their awards and their names go into the record books. Continue reading.

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