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Here you will find regular tips to help your organization be a more productive and efficient workplace.

Table of Content

  1. Why Use Time and Attendance Software?
  2. Health Insurance Plans and Alternatives for Small Businesses
  3. Do You Have a Psychologically Safe Workplace?

Why Use Time and Attendance Software?

time tracking-1169060171-1Documentation is key to wage and hour compliance. Simplify time tracking by automatically calculating hours worked as well as vacation time, holidays, sick days, and overtime. There was a time, not so long ago, when timesheets were filled in manually. Spreadsheets were the next development, but today, managers can choose among a variety of software options that can solve a variety of problems. Continue reading.

Health Insurance Plans and Alternatives for Small Businesses

Health Insurance -1071752716-1Employer-based health insurance costs have increased modestly since 2012 — between 3% and 5% annually for family coverage, according to a 2020 report by Kaiser Family Foundation. These changes have added up over the past decade, and employers and employees are now paying 155% of the health care costs they were paying before, even as wages have stagnated. Continue reading.

Do You Have a Psychologically Safe Workplace?

Bullying-957016116-1The need for innovation and creativity is not going away now that businesses and workplaces are opening up again. Business leaders need to consider how they can continue encouraging these traits as they navigate to a new normal. One way to accomplish this is by ensuring your business is a psychologically safe space where employees can feel free to be themselves, be right or wrong, and present out-of-the-box ideas without feeling threatened or diminished. Continue reading.

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