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Table of Content

  1. Voluntary Accident Insurance as an Employee Benefit
  2. Considering HR Outsourcing
  3. 7 Considerations When Preparing Your Payroll Budget
  4. DOL Regulations on Tip Sharing

Voluntary Accident Insurance as an Employee Benefit

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Voluntary accident insurance provides funds to pay for additional costs incurred from injuries. If you've ever seen an Aflac commercial—with the duck that keeps repeating the name of the product—you get the idea that supplemental insurance provides coverage for bills that your major medical plan doesn't cover. You can see how this is an attractive option to catch the attention of top talent. Continue reading.

Considering HR Outsourcing

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Outsourced HR services are designed to streamline functions, reduce expenses and help meet your firm's operational goals. You may hire a third party to oversee some or all of your HR functions, including payroll processing, employee benefits administration, and talent acquisition. Continue reading.

7 Considerations When Preparing Your Payroll Budget

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Most companies spend 20% to 30% of their annual revenue on payroll. The exact amount varies based on the employer's size, industry, staffing, and operational needs. In some industries, such as service, it's not uncommon for payroll to encompass up to 50% of revenue. For other industries, such as manufacturing and food and beverage, it usually takes up no more than 20% to 30%. Continue reading.

DOL Regulations on Tip Sharing

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Under the Fair Labor Standards Act, employers with tipped workers can take a "tip credit," which allows them to pay tipped workers less than the federal minimum wage if the employees' tips make up the difference. Continue reading.

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