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At Machen McChesney we are committed to Returning Value to you through our monthly e-newsletter, The Value Report.

Here you'll find regular tips to help with your business and personal finances, as well as strategies to grow and more efficiently run your organization. 

Table of Content

  1. This Retirement Planning Move Avoids Tax 
  2. Enjoy Deductions for Summer T&E Expenses
  3. Be Sure About Estimated Tax Payments
  4. Smart Tax Planning for Small Business Owners
  5. 7 Steps to Take After Identity Theft
  6. Effects of Potential Tax Reform on the Real Estate Industry
  7. What's New at Machen McChesney?

This Retirement Planning Move Avoids Tax

iStock-464466524-816910-edited.jpgBenefit from a rollover to an IRA

If you receive a distribution from an employer’s retirement plan, such as a 401(k), you are generally required to pay ordinary income tax on the payout. However, with a timely maneuver, you can continue to postpone paying the tax until you are ready to make withdrawals. Continue reading

Enjoy Deductions for Summer T&E Expenses
Reap tax rewards for travel and entertainment

What are your plans for the summer? If you have a business trip scheduled for a place you would like to visit personally, you might decide to combine a little pleasure with your business. Similarly, you may invite some of your best clients to your home for a Memorial Day or Fourth of July barbecue or treat them to a night out on the town. Continue reading.

Be Sure About Estimated Tax Payments


How to avoid underpayment penalties

Even though you just put your 2016 tax return to bed, you cannot rest easy. It is already time to pay attention to your tax liability for 2017. Significantly, you may be required to pay installments of “estimated tax” for this year, especially if you are self-employed or retired. Continue reading.

Smart Tax Planning for Small Business Owners


What should small business owners be focused on to ensure a smooth tax season?

While you started 2017 with the best of intentions to keep your financial records organized, you may find yourself scrambling to find receipts and other documentation to prepare your tax returns. All too often it is accounts receivable that presents that greatest challenge. Continue reading.

7 Steps to Take After Identity TheftiStock-510860724-612967-edited.jpgDo you know the steps to take if you become a victim of identity theft? Now that it has become the fastest growing white collar crime in the U.S, we must all know how to proactively respond to ID theft. Combating the crime of identity theft is for the most part reactionary – in other words, something “bad” has already happened—taking a proactive approach can mitigate any potential future losses. Continue reading

Effects of Potential Tax Reform on the Real Estate Industry


Now that the dust of a contentious presidential election cycle is settling, tax reform may be more likely in 2017 than in past years. Continue reading.

What's New at Machen McChesney?

iStock_41667068_LARGE-822670-edited.jpgSponsorships, new hires, announcements
Continue reading.


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