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The Value Report - Machen McChesney Business Advisory Insights

At Machen McChesney we are committed to Returning Value to you through our monthly e-newsletter, The Value Report.

Here you'll find regular tips to help with your business and personal finances, as well as strategies to grow and more efficiently run your organization. 

Table of Content

    1. How To Improve Operational Performance
    2. Do You Make Retail Sales To Entities That Are Exempt From Paying Sales, Use, Or Lodging Taxes?
    3. Free E-Book: 10 Tax Savings Tips for You and Your Business
    4. Ins and Outs of Flexible Spending Accounts
    5. Bigger Tax Rewards for Your Generosity

How To Improve Operational PerformanceiStock_000061693144_Large-212793-edited.jpgOffering 8 No-Cost Evaluations of Common Transaction Activities

As business advisors to our clients, we take a comprehensive approach to assessing and serving your needs. Through the core accounting and financial services we provide, we are uniquely positioned to identify additional opportunties to improve the overall operational effectiveness of your organization. Continue reading.

Do You Make Retail Sales To Entities That Are Exempt From Paying Sales, Use, Or Lodging Taxes?

undefined-762372-edited-972290-edited.jpgIn most cases if you make retail sales of tangible personal property or lodging accomodations, you must collect and remit the applicable tax associated with that transaction. However, there are three types of customer that are tax-exempt:

  • Customers who have provided you with a copy of their sales tax license as evidence that they are not the end user of the product and will be reselling the products
  • Customers who have furnished you with a copy of their *Certificate of Exemption from the State of Alabama
  • Customers who are governmental entities

*Starting in January of 2016, all certificate of exemptions have an expiration date.

The burden of proof that a sale is exempt is upon the vendor who grants the sale which is why having a properly executed reseller ID or certificate of exemption should be exchanged prior to the sale of tax exempt personal property or tax exempt lodging. Continue reading.

Free E-Book:10 Tax Saving Tips for You and Your Business

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As a savvy business owner and/or financial professional, you understand the importance of cutting taxes to maximize the success of your business. As trusted business advisors, we understand the importance of uncovering every possible legal deduction available that you should be considering. Continue reading.

Ins and Outs of Flexible Spending Accounts62957206_thumbnail-847528-edited.jpgPopular fringe benefit for employees

Flexible spending accounts (FSAs) can be a low-cost addition to your company's benefits package. You can provide FSAs for your employees to cover health care expenses, dependent care expenses-or both-within certain tax law limits. Continue reading.

Bigger Tax Rewards for Your Generosity

iStock_000059401634_Large-163849-edited-231738-edited.jpgSpecial tax break for gifts of property

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg made news recently by promising to give away 99% of his net worth, including his Facebook shares, to charity. The arrangement takes advantage of a unique tax break for charitable gifts of appreciated property, such as stock. Continue reading

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