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At Machen McChesney we are committed to Returning Value to you through our monthly e-newsletter, The Value Report.

Here you'll find regular tips to help with your business and personal finances, as well as strategies to grow and more efficiently run your organization. 

Table of Content

  1. Accelerated Due Date for Form 1099-MISC
  2. Are your Social Security Benefits Taxable?
  3. Top Three Tax Planning Ideas for Startup Companies
  4. Did You Know?...
  5. Unlock Deductions for a Home Office
  6. President Obama Signed Bill that Eliminates the ACA Penalty on Certain Health Care Premiums Reimbursed to Employees
  7. What's New at Machen McChesney

Accelerated Due Date for Form 1099-MISC

iStock-471597236-609526-edited.jpgBusiness owners beware

Several filing deadlines have changed beginning this month. Under the 2015 PATH ACT, beginning with forms filed in 2017, Forms 1099-MISC, used to report non-employee compensation must be filed on or before January 31 of the year following the calendar year to which such returns relates. And those returns are no longer eligible for the extended filing date for electronically filed returns. (Code Sec. 6071(c)). View 2017 filing instructions for Form 1099-MISCContinue reading.

Are your Social Security Benefits Taxable?


Of course, taxes are a major concern when you work full time for a living. Unfortunately, you may also have to pay federal income tax on a portion of the Social Security benefits you receive during the year—even though you’ve paid Social Security tax all the years you have been working. Continue reading

Top Three Tax Planning Ideas for Startup Companies


Welcome to 2017. As we move through January and get ever-closer to April 15, we are fast-approaching the 2016 year-end tax season. We understand just how stressful this time can be—and particularly so for individuals who are working to grow startup companies. Continue reading.  

Did You Know? ...

Business_Advisory_iStock_000034111616_Medium[1].jpgMachen McChesney has been providing business owners peace of mind by assisting them in a wide array of challenges that exist.  We understand that running a business can present a challenging endeavor for any individual to pursue on their own.  Our professionals have spent years honing expertise in a wide range of business advisory services and will look for ways to add value to your business. 

Machen McChesney introduces the business advisory group. With a combined experience of 60 years, this group is dedicated to providing this specialized service to business owners. Contact us today. 


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Unlock Deductions for a Home Office


Comparing two tax return methods

Do you operate a business out of your home? It could be your main line of work, and your only source of business income, or just a sideline activity. Depending on your circumstances, you many be entitled to a generous tax deduction for this "home office" on your 2016 tax return. Continue reading.

President Obama Signed Bill that Eliminates the ACA Penalty on Certain Health Care Premiums Reimbursed to Employees


On December 13, 2016, President Obama signed the 21st Century Cures Act, which allows certain small employers to establish a new type of health reimbursement arrangement that reimburses for health insurance premiums without exposure to the $100 dollar per day penalty under the Affordable Care Act ("ACA"). Under these new rules, small business owners are permitted to compensate employees for medical visits or the cost of individual insurance premiums up to an annual limit of $4,950 for individuals, or $10,000 for families. These reimbursements are also excludible from the employee's gross income. Continue reading.

What's New at Machen McChesney?

iStock_41667068_LARGE-822670-edited.jpgSponsorships, new hires, announcements
Continue reading.


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