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Table of Content

  1. Maximizing Tax Benefits of Installment Sales
  2. 6 Common Medical Expenses that May Qualify for a Medical Tax Deduction
  3. 3 Basic Methods of Social Security Benefits
  4. Millennial Shopping Habits and What They Mean for Retail Building Owners
  5. Are You Missing Out on a Substantial Corporate Tax Break?
  6. Why a Cash Balance Retirement Plan Might be a Good Option for Business Owners

Maximizing Tax Benefits of Installment Sales

iStock_000062472524_Full-1If you are trying to sell appreciated commercial real estate in today’s market, you may have to compromise. For instance, if you refuse to budge on price, you might have to make other reasonable concessions, such as agreeing to an installment sale for a buyer with limited liquidity. As the name implies, the buyer pays you in a series of installments instead of providing all the cash up front. Continue reading.

6 Common Medical Expenses that May Qualify for a Medical Tax Deduction

In the past, it was difficult to qualify for medical expense deductions. Now, some pundits would say that it is “nearly impossible.” Based on tax law changes that took effect in 2013, most taxpayers can deduct only unreimbursed expenses in excess of 10% of their adjusted gross income (AGI), up from 7.5% of AGI under prior law. For taxpayers who are aged 65 or older, the threshold remains at 7.5% of AGI, but only through 2016. Continue reading.

3 Basic Methods of Social Security Benefits

iStock_000056891650_LargeIf you are approaching retirement, one of the key decisions you will face is when to begin receiving Social Security benefits. It is not an easy call, and the answer usually depends on your personal circumstances. Keeping that in mind, here is a brief summary of the rules provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Continue reading.

Millennial Shopping Habits and What They Mean for Retail Building Owners

Millennials – those born roughly between 1980 and 2000 – are changing the face of retail. They have a combined purchasing power of $2.45 trillion worldwide – $600 billion in the U.S. – and they account for almost a third of all retail sales. Their influence is only going to grow – by 2025, they will comprise 75 percent of the workforce. Millennials are now major consumers, but they differ from previous generations in several ways. Continue reading.

Are You Missing Out on a Substantial Coporate Tax Break?

iStock_000042829330_MediumEnacted in 2004, the American Jobs Creation Act included a tax relief provision for domestic manufacturers with the intent of stimulating manufacturing activity in the U.S. If a profitable business does any manufacturing, and a significant portion of its taxable income is generated from production activities within the U.S., it may qualify for a deduction equal to 9% of its qualified production activity income (QPAI). Continue reading.

Why a Cash Balance Retirement Plan Might be a Good Option for Business Owners

As a business owner looking to increase deductions for your own retirement savings, a cash balance retirement plan could be for you. In order to participate in a cash balance plan, you must meet the following criteria. Continue reading.

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